So it has been awhile

I don’t know where the time went to and then Christmas came and went and so did my fabulous Memory Craft 9000. But finally I am back at it again. I have since purchased a Janome 3160. I really like it.  It isn’t a Memory Craft but it does have an automatic thread cutter which I love. It also has an extension flat table that came with it. Which I also love!

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this is my new machine the Janome 3160

This is my new machine ,the Janome 3160

Joann’s had a door buster for the Christmas season that I couldn’t pass up on. It was cheap flannel. I couldn’t believe it. My and my sewing buddy, Tiffany, went and I bought a huge amount of flannel. Here are some of the final products from that flannel purchase.

These belong to the boy.

These belong to the boy.


These are L's pajama pants. She loves pink.

These are L’s pajama pants. She loves pink.


These are N's pajama bottoms. THey are wrinkly since they have been worn already.

These are N’s pajama bottoms. They are wrinkly since they have been worn already.


I do have a few more pairs to show but I will post them once I get them completed. I really screwed up on one pair because I wasn’t thinking through my steps. But I am going to make it and wear it anyways since it will be just around the house. Thank goodness for that.


April 2013 Spring finally!

I have a friend who wanted Easter dresses for her girls. They are 10 and 12.

I had to make some adjustments. For the Pink dress I had to add a few inches to the hip area, but neglected to add the same amount to the skirt. So I had to make some adjustments to the skirt.Samantha pink dress 2013 back



Samantha pink dress 2013For the Blue dress I had to add sleeves since she didn’t want to wear a sweater over her arms. This fit pretty much out of the pattern. The pattern was sleeveless and thank goodness for my Threads magazine that had instructions for adding a kimono sleeve.

Samira Blue dress back 2013

Samira Blue dress front 2013


With the left over material I made skirts for my girls. The blue skirt is a circle skirt with a zipper on the side and a snap on the waistband to close. I really didn’t want to add a button. The pink skirt is just a A line skirt with ruffles on the bottom edge. Both the skirts ended up to big for the girls, but that does mean that they can grow into them. They should wear these for quite a few years yet.

Julian, Natalia and Lorenna 2013

MISC Stuff

What do you think?

What do you think?


I got a new fabulous book called The Dressmaker’s Handbook of Couture Sewing Techniques by Lynda Maynard. I wanted to practice some of those techniques on a wearable muslin. So this is what I made. I made a mistake on the neckline though because the gray band stands away from my neck right at my shoulder. I should have stretched it just a little  bit to make it lay flat. Now I know.

The Back

The Back


The neckline.

The neckline.

This is also the first time that I used a double needle in my machine. I have to say that I am now addicted. They are wonderful to have when you need to hem or top stitch on a knit shirt.


My next project didn’t go so well.

Eh, not good.

Eh, not good.

I had a picture in my head. I wasn’t able to make it like that because the fabric is a thin sweater knit and you can see right through it. But I am going to wear it anyways. I just need to make a few minor/major adjustments.


Craftsy has cool classes

I finally did it. I bought a  class through Craftsy. I had been keeping and eye on the site to see what they had to offer. Then one came along that I decided that I couldn’t live without.

Sew the Perfect Fit. It is a video fitting class.  I have been wanting to learn how to properly fit clothes for such a long time. And now it is here! I have already watched the videos and I am now waiting on my pattern to come in so that I can practice my fitting techniques. Yay!!

Now I have my eye on a new pants fitting class by Sandra Betzina. I am on that one next. Whoo, Hoo!!

Peg People, finally finished!!

Let me just say that I am thrilled that Christmas is so much closer than it was and that I am done with the Peg People.

It’s the Hulk!


Captain America




Iron Man


Loki, got to have a bad guy.


Since I couldn’t have horns sticking up…


The Team


And now for the girls.


Mermaids of course.



Just for my daughters.

Things I am working on now.

When I would go to Hobby Lobby and buy peg people. I didn’t pay attention to how many bags I actually got. I would go through out the months and just pick up a bag. I never kept track or anything, but by the time I was ready to paint them I had 32 pegs for a nativity that just needed eight.

So since my kids loved playing with the nativity pegs I decided I would paint them some pegs for them. They are for Christmas but here are some of the mermaid pegs for my daughters.

Sorry for the blurry pics. They are the only ones that I had. I don’t want my daughters to see them.


I have also tried to use the enamel paints from Folkart. They are in the same sections as the regular acrylic paints at the craft store.

The paints seem to be doing well enough, I still need to see how they hold up through the dishwasher. The design I am not to thrilled about but that can be worked on.

The Nativity is done.

The only thing I have to do left is to put a clear coat on them so that they will be protected while they are played with.

Let me know what you think.

These are the three wise men.


My Angel and Shepherd.


And Joseph, Mary and Jesus.

You only get arms if you are holding something. I have the backsides, do you want to see them too?



Here comes Christmas

Can you believe that I don’t have a Nativity Scene in any of my Christmas decorations?!

I decided this year that I wanted to have a Nativity scene for my mantel but wanted something that would be sturdy since more than likely my kids would play with it.  I had started out buying a pack of peg people at Hobby Lobby whenever I had the chance to go. I ended up with a lot of peg people. But I have plans for those extras so it all works out.

Here are my people with their basic coats on.

I find that I have a hard time painting people without faces, but it would be wise to paint the face last that way if I mess up it won’t be so aggravating to correct.

Everyone got a little more detailed.

I have a 70′s vibe going on that I am not quite sure how I got there. Wait until you see the wisemen. You will know what I mean then.

Here are my wise men and shepherd.

The red wise man has a Kung Fu vibe about him. He is my favorite so far. Once I have more details I will take a final picture to show.

I have more peg people that I am making for my kids too. The daughters will be getting some mermaids and family to play with. For Julian I decided that I will be trying my hand at the Avengers for him. He really liked the movie so I am hoping to do the characters justice with my painting skills. We will see what happens though.

I will post more pictures once I have things worked on some more.


Halloween Costumes 2012

I don’t know why I do this to myself every year. I want to make the kids costumes and then I go crazy making them. Even though I started in September.

So here they are.

Julian wanted to be a Red Ninjago character.  He showed me a minifig with the golden dragon and told me that he wanted to look just like him, sword and everything. So here you go. Except that it only took a few minutes for him to break the sword. I knew I should have put a wooden brace in there.

Yah!! The Red Golden Dragon Ninja!!


Here is my Mermaid. She has loved Ariel for so long.  And she wanted to red hair but I didn’t think that I had enough time to make a wig so we sprayed her hair instead. Just the top and down her back. I wanted to keep her hair that was touching her clothes to remain color free since it does rub off. The tail is a skirt so that she can walk and run without any problems.

She was being terrorized by the Ninja and Flounder


And my youngest. I thought it would be a fab idea to have the girl go as Flounder since I have Ariel anyways. I looked on line for inspiration and saw the costume for Flounder in the Broadway production. I also sprayed her hair in light blue with Dark Blue streaks. I then painted her forehead yellow with blue stripes there. I didn’t want anything around her face or mouth since she would be eating in this costume.



Let me know what you think.

The Mermaid Dress

It was my daughters birthday at the end of August. I had planned for this dress to be done but I didn’t get it finished, or started in time.

However, I finally got it done.

So she is mad. But this is just a simple jumper that I made especially for her.


Here is the back.


She does love it even though she looks mad in the photos.

I am working on the kids Halloween costumes next. Fingers crossed that those come out as good as they look in my head.