Halloween Costumes – 2014

I make my kids Halloween costumes every year. I know that one day they won’t want me to make their costumes anymore because store bought costumes are so much cooler. But this year is one more year that I was able to make my kids costumes.

My son wanted to go as Ray Man from Ray Man Legends.

The Boy as Ray man Legends

Here is my son as Ray Man of Ray Man Legends. He is the hero of the video game.

The hero of the video game has no legs or arms or neck. I was trying to figure out the best way to make this costume. I have seen other costumes that wore black that wanted to blend in the background. So I made the shirt and had the boy wear black on the legs and arms. I took a purple shirt and cut off the neck and painted the “O”. Then I took a sweat shirt and cut off the hoodie of the sweat shirt and sewed it onto the neck of the purple shirt. ¬†After that I had hair color spray and sprayed the boys hair with Orange and Yellow paint.

Ray Man Legends Necklines

Here is a close up of the neckline.

Then my daughter wanted to be the Tooth Fairy. So here is her costume.

Number 3 as the tooth fairy

My daughter is a tooth fairy.

For her costume we used bits and pieces from last year’s costume when she was a regular fairy, which is the tutu skirt. She had a pink shirt that had some stains so we covered them with felt applique teeth to cover the stains. Then I made her a headband teeth crown, and a magic wand.

Tooth Fairy Crown

Here is the Tooth Fairy Crown for my Tooth Fairy.

Magic Tooth Fairy Wand

Can’t have a Fairy of any kind without a magic wand.

It was cold this year so all my kids had to layer up really well. My second daughter wore a store bought witches costume this year. She loved it and that is all that counts.

Tell me what you guys think!


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