Hero Peg Dolls are done!

My Hero Peg Dolls are done! Finally! I loved making these dolls. I don’t know why but every once in awhile I need to stop sewing and paint something. Peg dolls seem the best way to fulfill that desire.

peg dolls

Here are all the pegs in a group photo.

I expanded my skills a bit with the details. They are by no means perfect. Of course I didn’t see mistakes until I glazed them and then it was too late.

Peg Dolls

You can’t have a superhero and sidekick without a villain.

Batman is a beloved character for me, though he isn’t my favorite. My favorite seems to change but Batman, Robin and Joker are always there.

Peg Dolls

Captain America is my favorite of the moment.

I wanted a bit of the current costume for Captain America for this doll.  Ironman got an update from my late painting of him as well.

Peg Dolls

I loved painting Deadpool. His painting was the best. I love his belt.

I decided not to paint on his guns but he does have his swords on his back. Spiderman also has his big red spider on his back as well.

Peg Dolls

You can’t have Wonder Woman without Superman and the Green Lantern is the third wheel.

I couldn’t figure out where to stick the Green Lantern so he is hanging around Wonder Woman and Superman. I am sure they won’t mind.

Peg Dolls

For those that love Minecraft.

I had to make Steve and a Creeper too. My kids love Minecraft right now. I like how the Creeper turned out this time. And my kids liked them too so that is a bonus.

Peg Dolls

How cool are these guys?

Super sneaky ninjas are cool. They have swords and other weapons on their backs.

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