Julian and his big news

So, If you have read the prior pages then you know that we are having issues with his right foot. It still smells but not as bad. Thankfully.

But we did get some good news. Last Wednesday his left leg was cast. Meaning in two weeks Julian is getting his first prosthetic leg. Yay!!! It is about time. I thought that we were never going to get to that point. Unfortunately, because of the right leg we still have to hold off on that one.  But at least he will be up and walking or hobbling along with a new leg and crutches until his right foot heals.

He did tell me the other night that he is excited about getting his new leg because he then will be able to walk on the walls. I am not quite sure where he got that idea from but I didn’t have the heart to pop that dream. I figure that he will figure it out when there aren’t any suction cups on the bottom of the leg.


UPDATE – 5/2014

Julian has been cast for his right leg. Finally!!


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