Pictures (Some graphic images) Updated 6/26/2014

So I have some pictures here. I will leave the most graphic towards the bottom. If you are not comfortable in seeing the inside of a foot. Don’t look.

Right now these photos are just Julian being cast for his first prosthetic leg.

Julian being cast 4


Julian being cast 7

Julian being cast 6


The following pictures are of Julian’s legs and how they look.

first unwrapping

This is the first unwrapping of Julian’s legs when we saw the doctor for the first appointment after the surgery.

julian left foot 2

This is his left leg/foot. I still call them feet. Though Stumpy is just as appropriate.
It looks kinda gross but it is a lot better looking than his right foot.

julian left foot 1

This was just a couple of weeks ago. It looks so much better now.

julian right foot 1

This is his right foot. This was taken sometime before March 7th. Before it got infected.

julian right foot 2

Eww, gross!! But the next picture is even more gross.

The next picture is pretty gross so you might want to skip it. Remember, I warned you.










Julian's right foot 1

Oh, my!! So that is what the inside of the foot looks like… hmm. Still pretty gross, but much better looking than it was in the beginning.



UPDATE- 6-26-14

Here are some updated photos of Julian’s feet.

BEFORE – these were taken right before he was rolled off to surgery.


1-7-2014 (14)
1-7-2014 (16)


1-7-2014 (12)


AFTER  There were taken just yesterday which is almost six months after his surgery.

left foot

left foot2

This is Julian’s left foot.

right foot

right foot2

This is Julian’s right foot.


















































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