5 More days!!!

I can't believe how close we are until we meet our baby girl for the first time.  I am excited and now I am kinda getting nervous. Even though I have had a c-section with the boy I do remember some of how I felt going into the hospital and having the nurses set me up and get me into the OR and all that. Reinaldo caught me on video saying that I didn't ever want to do this again....I am not sure if I meant the c-section or having any other baby, but here I am doing both all over again. Sometimes I feel that going to the hospital is like a spa retreat where I can go and relax a bit after the birth of the girl.  Even though there isn't the nice ambiance, or food or massages or any of that, but I do get to sit on my duff and have people take care of me which is a nice change since I will be taking care of everyone else once I get back to the house.

The only thing that I will dislike is the fact that I will have to no solids to eat until the doctor's tell me I can. It will be all liquids for my meals.  I remember starving until I asked one of the doctor's if I could eat real food. I was so glad for that first real meal after the c-section, I don't even remember what it was I was so hungry I ate everything. It was great whatever it was.

I think that we are all ready for the girl to come and join our family. We have clothes, Thank you Meredith!!, diapers, Thank you Krissy and Grandma, and toys from the grandparents, Thank you Isaias and Marnie.

I also think that Jay will be kinda ready for a little girl in the household. It will be so different with another child here I sorta feel sorry for Jay because he won't be the center of our universe anymore. He will have to share that spot with his little sister.

Tomorrow is my last day at work I will be starting my Maternity Leave officially on Monday. I will be going back in November...You know I have heard that in Australia their Maternity Leave is for a whole year. Wouldn't that be nice....but then again I would need to make some type of money while on leave...

oh, well, three months it is then.

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