A Beautiful Gathered Skirt

One day I was wanting to make something different and new and found a beautiful gathered skirt video from Gretchen Hirsch. The link can be found here. I will state right off that that I am not overly fond of gathered skirts.  Just because of my belly. Having three babies and not exercising does that to you. But I love how they look anyways, but not on me. I apparently forgot that when I found the video and started wanting to make myself one. I had the fabric for it and it was enough. And a zipper.  So I went for it. This was the first time that I had made a skirt with a lapped zipper on the left hip. It is a vintage touch. I thought that it was an interesting bit of information that the side zippers are always on the left.

Beautiful Gathered Skirt

The video was really easy to follow but long. I mean Ms. Hirsch actually made a skirt in real time in that video. So lots of details and good information.

Simplicity 3688

I had this wonderful fabric that my husband had bought be from overseas. It is a burnt out velvet of roses and leaves. I laid it on top of a lovely dark red satin. Looks beautiful together.


Beautiful Gathered Skirt

So I made the skirt. I should have made it a bit longer. I think that I wouldn't have made it any shorter but I thought that maybe I should have made it tea length instead of knee length. There was all sorts of things I could have done with the length. (Always go with your first instinct. It is usually always right.)

Beautiful Gathered Skirt

In wearing the skirt I know that it makes me look larger on the bottom than I really am. Even with slimming under garments to smooth out the lumps. I told my man that I am going to wear it anyways just because I love the swoosh of the fabric. And so I am. I have decided that I have hit the age where I don't care to look like the skinny runway models any longer. I have had kids, and surgeries, and being lazy. Life happens and it doesn't always look good on the body, but as long as I feel good about how I look and my man likes how I look then it is all good. I am not worried about anyone else's thoughts or feelings.

Simplicity 3688 - Retro Pants

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