Another day in the life of...

Yesterday I took Jay and Nattie to the local mall where they had the indoor soft play area. I wanted to go somewhere cheap and air conditioned. On our way there I told Jay to buckle up his seat belt. He starts to whine, " I can't"....I don't know why he does that since I know for a fact that he has buckled himself into his carseat before. So I told him, "You are being lazy today, huh?",  He tells me, "No, I am crazy." I didn't quite hear him the first time so I repeated what I said. He replies, "No mami, I am crazy."  I caught it that time. Crazy, huh? You sure are kid. Then after he had played his heart out and we had lunch of pizza at the food court we were leaving the mall. This particular mall has a little train that makes a circuit of the ground level that the kids can ride. Just as we got out of the elevators Jay saw the train and the train took off. So Jay took off after the train and I took off after Jay. I will never forget how we must have looked. I was laughing because it was funny. There were people that we were running past saying, "Oh, poor kid, he wants to ride."  And then laughing at me chasing him, chasing the train. All the while pushing the stroller so Nattie was getting the ride of her life.  Finally I got him distracted with Dippin' Dots. Cookies and Creme. Good stuff and good times.

Where does he get this stuff?

Another installment of the Jay Chronicles