Another installment of the Jay Chronicles

I was in the bathroom trying to have a few minutes privacy when Jay comes in wearing nothing but his t-shirt. His shirt is partially wet. (He had gone to use the other bathroom at the same time as me.) He came in gibbering something and I couldn’t understand what he was saying, I did ask why his shirt was wet. He says that the toilet spit at him. What? The toilet spit at you? I figured that he just got extra wet when he was washing his hands. I then asked him if his shorts and underwear were dry. He says that they were and so I sent him back out to put on his shorts and underwear. At that time his shirt wasn’t very wet, but that didn’t last long. A few minutes later he comes back with his shirt soaked and his shorts and underwear soaked. Soaked as in the hem of his shirt was dripping. So I pull myself together to see what is going on and he had flooded the toilet.  Water was everywhere.  He has used too much toilet paper when trying to clean up. Thankfully though, he didn’t poop. He is in the bathtub right now cleaning up the spit from the toilet.

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