April 2013 Spring finally!

I have a friend who wanted Easter dresses for her girls. They are 10 and 12. I had to make some adjustments. For the Pink dress I had to add a few inches to the hip area, but neglected to add the same amount to the skirt. So I had to make some adjustments to the skirt.Samantha pink dress 2013 back



Samantha pink dress 2013For the Blue dress I had to add sleeves since she didn't want to wear a sweater over her arms. This fit pretty much out of the pattern. The pattern was sleeveless and thank goodness for my Threads magazine that had instructions for adding a kimono sleeve.

Samira Blue dress back 2013

Samira Blue dress front 2013


With the left over material I made skirts for my girls. The blue skirt is a circle skirt with a zipper on the side and a snap on the waistband to close. I really didn't want to add a button. The pink skirt is just a A line skirt with ruffles on the bottom edge. Both the skirts ended up to big for the girls, but that does mean that they can grow into them. They should wear these for quite a few years yet.

Julian, Natalia and Lorenna 2013

So it has been awhile

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