Blue Jean Skirt - DIY - Refashion

When I was growing up I really loved blue jean skirts. Once I learned how to sew I could make my own and it was great. Now having daughters I can make blue jean skirts for them.

This is how I created it.

I took a pair of jeans that my daughter doesn't like and cut the legs off to about knee length. Then picked out the seam in the front all the way to the zipper and on the back all the way to the  yoke on the back. I then laid everything out flat and pinned it together.

Front of the BJS

Close up of front of BJS

Close up of the back of BJS

Once those seams are sewed down then you take the legs that you cut off and cut those open to create the fabric that you will use to patch up the blank area between the legs of the jeans. There is a little finagling in getting the fabric to fill the area in and making sure that it lays right and  then pinning it down. I neglected to take pictures of where I pinned.  But you just lay it down so that it looks nice. Then you pin and sew down the seams. I tried to keep in the stitching lines that I had picked out prior.

Almost completed front of BJS

Almost completed back of BJS

Close up of front of BJS seams

Once I get my daughter to try it on and see where it falls on her and then I can trim it to the correct length and hem it up.

Close up of the back of BJS seams

And there you have it. All done. Now you just need to trim and hem. Here is what I did for one of the skirts.

Inside hem of the first skirt

I chose to hem the skirt, this is hemming lace, to give a little pinkness to my daughters skirt. She loves it like that.

Hem of second skirt

The second skirt that I made for my second daughter, instead of using hem lace I used a bit of leftover purple bias binding and just bound the edge.  My youngest loves this too.


Front of first skirt

I know that the skirt is slightly dirty in the above picture. I was only able to get pictures once she came home from school.

Front of second skirt

As my second daughter wears this skirt it flips up to just above her knees. I think I am going to move that hem line up just a bit.

Back of first skirt.

I found that I shouldn't have used a pair of skinny jean for a skirt on that second pair. It just doesn't hang right.

Back of the second skirt

See what I mean about hanging right?



Tell me what you think.


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