Camo Bowling Shirt - DIY

My husband had been wanting a Camo Bowling shirt for a long time, I figured Christmas would be a great time to finally make it for him. The Man, that is what I call him, has loved the bowling shirts or panel shirts since watching Charlie Sheen in Two and a Half Men.  I have to say that those were awesome shirts. And since I sew he thinks that I should make him more clothes than what I have.

This was his idea to make a shirt that had a panel of camo in it. He loves camo and was very happy that he finally got his camo bowling shirt.

I wanted to put up a kind of DIY on how I put it together when I realized that I didn't take enough pictures for all the steps. So instead I am going to post how I made the paneled front.

Front and side panels of shirt

The above picture shows the front pattern piece of the shirt that I cut into thirds. I figured out where I wanted the panel to be and how wide I wanted it. I cut straight down. If you look closely you can see the fabric poking out from underneath the pattern. I did not add seam allowances to the pattern pieces but measured seam allowances as I cut.

Front of shirt cut out of fabric

Once I had everything cut out I then laid it all out to match up the seams and sew the pieces together to create the front of the shirt.

Front of shirt

At this point the rest of the shirt was ready to be put together.

Here is the completed shirt.

Completed shirt

I had to add a half inch just because he likes his shirt fronts a bit longer than what would normally be so the above picture shows it just a bit shorter than what he has now. I just took the hem out a half inch and it worked just fine for the front. I kept the back the same.

What do you think? Leave a comment below and tell me.

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