Copied a Shirt - Now I have three more

I copied a shirt and now I have three more just like it. Well, almost like the original. My husband bought be a shirt from LL Bean. I love it. It is a lovely henley type shirt. It is made from a light cotton. Kinda like India cotton. It is long sleeves which is nice for when it is still chilly outside. Then you can roll up the sleeves for a 3/4 sleeve. I really like it.

In making this shirt I learned how to make the button placket in the middle of the shirt. It looks harder than what it really is.  I watched this video, and this one and this one. I have learned the most things from Youtube.

And here is the video for the placket for the sleeve here.

Here are some in progress pictures of the shirts. I hadn't added the sleeves yet nor hemmed the bottoms. I used some bias binding I had made some time ago and thankfully it mostly matched. These fabric were purchased at Joann's Fabric store. Quilting section. I wanted to practise on something before making it in an apparel fabric.

I loved this fabric. So pretty. Unfortunately the fabric is pretty stiff. I hope it softens up as I wash and wear it.

I wanted to make a shirt out of this one but didn't get enough fabric for the skirt that I wanted.

This is a softer fabric. I love this print. I wanted to make a skirt out of this one too, but didn't get enough fabric.


I love these shirts. They are long enough that they cover my butt which I like. I loved making the plackets as well. That was fun. But since these fabrics are woven there wasn't really a need to interface them. It ended up adding extra bulk in the placket. Which in turn made the sewing of the placket down a bit difficult. Next time I would add one layer of interfacing on one side and without the seam allowances. Just to keep the bulk down.

Here is a close up of the button placket that I learned how to make. Thank you Youtube University.

I also changed up the sleeves. These are not long sleeves. I wanted a 3/4 sleeve since I am always rolling my sleeves up. I did copy the sleeve from the LL Bean shirt, but I cut it off at the right length but didn't take into account the width of the sleeve. Next time I will make the sleeve a bit narrower so that I don't have to worry about gathers or pleats by my elbow. I had an idea in my head that worked in my head but not in real life. Live and Learn.

The other side of my cuff is here. I didn't iron my shirt but you can see that I used a narrow bias tape to cover the slit for my arm.

This is my cuff. It goes to just below my elbow. Because I didn't measure around my arm I can't have a button. It would be to tight.

Once everything was complete and it was time to hem I did something different again. On the original shirt they did a narrow hem all around the bottom. I decided to use bias tape and sew the tape onto the right side then iron and fold it up into the inside and hem that in place. The ends are then enclosed in between the fabric and bias tape. It looks nice and it worked on another shirt that I had. This time however it didn't work as well. On this shirt there are very curved edges by the hips. The bias tape caused some wrinkling and makes the side seams poke out kinda funny. It doesn't bother me but one my next shirt with nice fabric I will probably either do a narrow hem or might find something different.

Here you can see the wrinkles that I created here as well, but I am ok with these since they are inside.

Here is the side seam. You can see the wrinkles that I created without wanting to.


Now I have another three shirts that I love and am going to make in nicer apparel fabrics. I have some lovely, drapey, silks that I think would look really nice once I have perfected the sleeve that I want.


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