Crafthope Project 25 - We are Kenya

One of the most wonderful things that I have come across is this website. It is called Crafthope. I found this website when I wanted to do some sort of service using my talents for others. Now I don't have that many talents but I do craft and sew. What better way to craft and sew for others that need it.

This project is for We are Kenya. This is a charitable organization that is doing what it can for the orphans in Kenya. You can get more details on the organization and the project by going to Project 25.

They are looking for hats/scarves/ gloves and sanitary pads. Which is to be all made by those that volunteer for this. You can go to the website and add a comment at the bottom of the page letting them know that you are interested in making things that they need and there is also the mailing address of the contact person who is handling the receiving of all the items.

I am working on hats and scarves to be able to send.

It isn't much to look at now but I just started.

When I have completed my hats and scarves I will upload more photos.

Share the joy and the link to Crafthope and let us craft hope for others.

Fantastic Friday - Projects to do

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