Crochet Sweater - The Cheat

This is totally a Cheater's Version of a crochet sweater. Simple, no increasing or decreasing stitches, no shaping at all. I don't normally keep yarn around when I craft. Not like I keep all the fabric in my sewing room. But I had recently made a lot of beanies for my Etsy store. So I had yarn left over and I needed something to do with it all. It wasn't a ton of yarn but enough that I would have bits and pieces all over the place.

I wanted to have a crochet sweater, but I have to admit I have never made a sweater or even have the time to follow a full size, adult pattern. So I went looking for a simpler way to do what I wanted.

I found a link on Pinterest and following through I found the original link here.  I guess you could call it a Shrug. Mine won't look anything as nice as that but I am using leftover yarn after all. Here is what it looks like so far. It doesn't look like much but I am not finished yet. And remember, I am trying to use all my yarn up.

Crochet Sweater - The Cheat

I did want something that I could throw on to wear out dropping the kids off at school. It will be one of those things that I don't care what I look like because it is to early in the morning and I am just dropping off my kids at school so who cares! Right?

Once I am done I will post pictures on how it looks. Fingers Crossed that it turns our wearable.


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