Graduation Day

Today is the day of Aidan's graduation. I hope that things go better today than they did yesterday. The kids have done well with the little bit of sleep that they have gotten. Jay has only melted down a couple of times. I am here in the hotel room with all the kids at the moment since Meredith needed to go to the store for basics for the weekend. Like laundry detergent to wash clothes. For the clothes that I had to wade in the pool with. That last post of mine where Jay threw up in the pool...I had told all the kids to get out. Addison and Gabe did but Jay started to swim toward the deep end. I didn't have  any swim suit or anything so I had to wade in the pool fully dressed to drag him out. Isn't that nice... I was soaked walking through the hotel lobby to our room with the kids following me and Jay in my arms screaming his head off.

Gotta go. Time to fight the good fight and get the kids ready for the ceremony today. I pray that they all behave.

We are back!!

Just a quick update...