Halloween 2016

Halloween 2016 was crazy. I don't know why my children want such strange costumes. Okay, just my son. My daughters had normal costumes. My youngest was a puppy and my eldest daughter wanted to be a mummy. But nothing on her head.

My son wanted to be a Pea Shooter from Plants vs Zombies. I have never heard of this character until he showed me in a book that he had. It is a graphic novel and it is just as the title suggests. It is about plants versus zombies. I don't understand but he loves it. I guess that is all that matters and there doesn't seem to be anything inappropriate in the novel that I could see.

Here they are looking about as happy as a Puppy, Mummy and Pea Shooter can look.

I knew how I wanted to work the puppy  and mummy costume. I wanted something simple that that they girls could wear after Halloween 2016. In planning what they would wear I was thinking that it was going to be colder than what it really was. I had purchased sweat pants and sweat shirts for each of the girls. I would then tack on the patches and wrappings onto the sweats. Then I could easily go back and snip off the fabric so that the girls could wear the sweats as the weather turned. I ended up using t-shirts instead of sweat shirts when it got closer to Halloween since the weather was staying quite warm.

I am glad that everyone had a good time. And another year is down.


I love blue flannel shirts.

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