Halloween Costumes 2015

A bit late but Halloween Costumes 2015!!

This year the kids weren't to crazy in their costume choices.

There was the Black Ninja. He saw plastic swords at Wal-mart and that is what changed his mind. He originally wanted to be Rayman again. He was Rayman last year. See his costume from last year here.

Black Ninja


My Ghost. I had grand plans. She didn't. She wanted to wear a sheet on her head like Charlie Brown. I nixed that idea because I knew that she would get hot under a sheet. I told her she would wear a sheet around and down her shoulders and then we would paint her face and hair. She was happy about that. But then she wouldn't let me put more white paint on her face or let me spray paint her hair white that night. I tried but she wanted this. Ghost

Then there was my Ballerina.  This picture was taken before she went to school and it was nice and warm. So she was able to wear the leotard as it was. That tutu was the most complicated piece this year. It took 10 yards which I then cut in half lengthwise and those two pieces where cut in half again lengthwise. It has an elastic waistband too which is nice. That means that she can wear this a play dress up for a bit longer.

Summer Ballerina

This was taken Halloween night and it had gotten colder so she had to wear sleeves and her new winter boots. Everyone had a good time. I hope that you and your family did as well.Group shot

Halloween 2016

Wooden Peg People in Etsy shop