Halloween is just around the corner

And I haven't done hardly a thing. I feel so useless this year because the boy doesn't want a costume that I have made. He wants a Spiderman Costume that was in a bag of hand me down. He is only three and a half. How does that happen? Costumes that mami makes are wonderful. What about the Octopus? The girl on the other hand, this year is really her first Halloween and I want to make her a ballerina, but because the weather is so iffy I have decided just to make a tutu and she can wear a pink sweat suit for that evening.  I will make a few bows for her hair and leave it at that. At least as she gets older I will be able to make more princess and fairy costumes for her.

Here is my progress so far.

This is as far as I have gotten on her tutu and the Ward Trunk or Treat is on Saturday!

Look at that hair!

Just taking a few moments of Play Doh fun