Happy Holiday!!

I hope that everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!! Ours was awesome!My nieces and nephews were looking forward to our "feast". I was looking forward to spending time with my sister and brother. I don't get the see them as often as I would like. However we are nearing the end of our ropes with each other all ready. We have a saying in my family "It is nice to see our family but it is nice to see them go too". To some that sounds really bad but in my side of the family it is how we keep the love going. Plus I managed to get the rest of my kids Christmas shopping finished too. First time that has happened and probably the last too. There is just something about elbowing your way through the crowds to find good deals on stuff that normally you wouldn't buy because it costs to much. The only downside of this is the crazies on the road that think that they can do anything  including stopping traffic because they are trying to go somewhere. Crazy drivers.

I am looking forward to heading home on Saturday. Now that I got my Christmas shopping done I have more time for sewing and crafts!!! Yay!!!! That is always exciting! We get our Christmas tree next week and my decorations come out and wrapping presents. I am just so excited this year.

I have a running list of what I want to do like, pillows, a jacket, slippers for me and a tute on the slippers to share with you and bunches of other things that I have to sit down and write out otherwise it is just ideas that float around my head and never come to light.

Happy Holidays!! I will see you guys next week and hopefully I will have pictures to post on something anyways.

Ok my list has changed.

It is finished!!