Happy New Year!! ( I think...)

I know that this isn't the first day of the year but having a two year old going on three in a few months and a four month old who just has an attitude takes up a lot of time that I could be doing other things like writing on my blog. I love my children but they, or rather he at the moment, drive me crazy. Jay because he has become the most talkative person that I know other than my sister. He has a lot to say and most of the time I do understand it, but sometimes I haven't a clue as to what he is saying.

Nattie on the other hand I think is teething. Already!! Has time flown by or what. We were at my grandmother's house a few weekend's ago and my grandmother told me that she might be teething. I didn't think to much about it since she is only just turned four months old. Then I looked up the info on line. Yeah, she could be teething. The way she gnaws her fingers and drools buckets. I can't believe that she is teething already. So soon. My little girl is already growing up in to a toddler soon. Of course she still can't walk but she is starting to roll. (to soon she will be having boyfriends. That is the scariest of all.)

Thinking of my children and all their quirks has me drawing up resolutions that I hope to keep. This is of course just for me, let us hope that I stick to them. There are just a few. I don't want to over do it otherwise I know that I would fail miserably.

1. More patience - Now I think that I am pretty patient already, however with Jay going on three and the fact that he is becoming more energetic (how can that be?) and more talkative (why me?) I find that I am going to need the most patience that I can maintain with him. Especially as he says my name a thousand times in a row to get my attention when I choose to ignore him because I am trying to have grown up conversation with my husband.

2. More hugs and kisses and I love you's - this is for everyone. There are times that life gets so hectic that I don't tell my loved ones enough that I love them or show them by giving them hugs and kisses. So I am going to try to show my family that I love them more, even when I don't want to because that will be the time that I will need to show it the most.

3. taking care of myself - OK, this is one of those resolution that fall in with everyone else's at the beginning of the year. I will go to the gym or will work out 6 days a week. I won't go that far, but I want to work on my body so that I will have more energy to chase after my children. That is half the fun. The other half is hopefully losing the belly that I have gained with being pregnant with two kids.

That is all for the moment. There is plenty that I want to do my my family and in selfish moment just for me, but I know that there just isn't enough  hours in a day nor days in a year to do everything that I want to accomplish this year. So I will do what I can and enjoy the ride along the way.

I thought that I would take this moment

Christmas Eve Eve