Here comes Christmas

Can you believe that I don't have a Nativity Scene in any of my Christmas decorations?! I decided this year that I wanted to have a Nativity scene for my mantel but wanted something that would be sturdy since more than likely my kids would play with it.  I had started out buying a pack of peg people at Hobby Lobby whenever I had the chance to go. I ended up with a lot of peg people. But I have plans for those extras so it all works out.

I find that I have a hard time painting people without faces, but it would be wise to paint the face last that way if I mess up it won't be so aggravating to correct.

I have a 70's vibe going on that I am not quite sure how I got there. Wait until you see the wisemen. You will know what I mean then.

The red wise man has a Kung Fu vibe about him. He is my favorite so far. Once I have more details I will take a final picture to show.

I have more peg people that I am making for my kids too. The daughters will be getting some mermaids and family to play with. For Julian I decided that I will be trying my hand at the Avengers for him. He really liked the movie so I am hoping to do the characters justice with my painting skills. We will see what happens though.

I will post more pictures once I have things worked on some more.


The Nativity is done.

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