How I put together the shirt from a copy

How I put together the shirt from a copy


So in this post I will show you how I put together the shirt from a copy that I made.

I am going to assume that most of you know how to sew. I am also going to assume that you already know how to sew a shirt together. If you don't let me know and I will put together another tutorial on that. I am planning to make another shirt soon.

I cut everything out.

These are all the pieces of the shirt that will go together.

There were:

  1. Front
  2. Back cut on the fold.
  3. Yoke cut two
  4. collar cut two
  5. Sleeves
  6. Facings cut two

I serged all my side seams and ironed on my interfacing onto my collar, and my facings.

I then put the shirt together starting with the back and the yoke. I have never sewed a shirt together with a yoke so this was a first for me. It seems really difficult but isn't.

First thing I did was sew one yoke piece onto the back part. And then sewed the second yoke onto the back piece as you can see below.

The back and the yokes attached.

The next step is attaching the front pieces so that the seams are all on the inside. For this step you will sew the front of the shirt to the shoulders of one of the yoke pieces. It doesn't matter which one, whether is be the one showing on the outside or the one that will be on the inside of your shirt.

You can see from the picture below that I have attached my front pieces to the yoke that will be showing toward the  outside of the shirt. The yoke that will be on the inside has been folded down and out of the way.

Adding the front pieces of the shirt.

Once the front has been sewn onto the yoke you will want to roll the back piece up to the seam line on the yoke.

Rolling up the back

Then you do the same for the front pieces to the shoulder seam line.

Rolling up the front

This is how it looks with the back and the front pieces rolled up. You want the shoulders exposed so that you can fold the yokes with right sides together at the shoulder line to sew.


All rolled up

Like this. It looks like a sandwich. but the yokes are exposed with the front and back of the shirt rolled up nice and neat on the inside.

Front and back sandwiched between the yoke.

Once the shoulder seams have been sewn then you can gently pull everything out and lay flat and iron. Remember to be gentle when pulling everything through especially if you didn't stay stitch the neck line. You don't want to stretch anything out that might. Thankfully, I forgot to do that step way back in the beginning but, my fabric was so stable that it didn't make a difference. But next time I will. Better to be safe than sorry.

Flipping it through

All flipped out and ironed flat. Look I see stay stitching. I guess I did it after all.

Sewed and ironed outside of shirt.

Sewed and ironed inside of shirt.

Once it was all out I then proceeded to put together the shirt with the same kind of detail that the original shirt had. Here is the final product.

Blue and white polka dot shirt

I love this shirt. It fits like I want it to fit. It gives me the room I need in my arms. I can't wait to make another one.

Tell me what you think. I would love to hear from you and if you found this helpful or interesting.



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How I copied a shirt - DIY

How I copied a shirt - DIY