How they grow!

I am sitting here at the dining room table with Nattie just hanging on to the edge of the table. She is just talking to me like she doesn't have enough to say when she is mad. I was just thinking about how my kids are growing up so fast. Jay will be going to pre-k next year. I know still a year a way but I do know that it won't be long before that year is here and is off to school. In the meantime we are working on the attitude that he has. Sometimes he is just so loving and precious and then other times he tries to act like he is 21 and can tell me no and get away with it. From what my sister and mother say that is the age. I hope this is the just the age because if the attitude grows with him I just might have to velcro him to the wall and only let him down when he needs to do potty.

Nattie will be walking soon. She is already testing out her balance when she stands on her own. She is crawling all over the place but isn't happy in crawling. You can tell that she wants to walk. She gets so upset when she has to crawl after mami and papi have helped her walk all over the house.

Papi just mentioned that Nattie is attention hungry. However they both are. Whenever I talk to Nattie Jay is right there getting into my face and when I speak to Jay Nattie isn't far away trying to get into my face.

I love my family, they are crazy.

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