I am baffled

I don't get to use that word very often. Baffled. The reason I am baffled is that my husband was giving our 20 month old daughter a bath. He took off her clothes and then handed them to her asking her to put them in the dirty clothes hamper.  We like to think that we are trying to train our children to be able to pick up after themselves if we succeed at nothing else.

Well the man calls me a few minutes later asking " Did she put the clothes in the hamper?" to which I responded "She didn't even come this way."  Then we just looked at each other wondering where the girl had put her dirty clothes.

All the while the man was giving the kids a bath I looked all over the house in trying to find her clothes, but they are good and hidden. I can't find them for anything.

And the girl isn't giving up her secrets.

What I am working on now

Finally got the sewing mojo back...again.