I am extremely concerned...

about where our country is going.  I have to say that I am afraid of this political campaign, the wall street bailout and everything that is going on within and against our country. I know that this is the best country to live in, but I feel that we are heading down the path of good intentions straight to Hell. I am also afraid that Obama will win the election and we will definitely end up there for sure. I am not an educated women by any means, but I can see that the next generation is a "If you have it I want it" generation and the government will give "it" to them without working for it from those who have worked long and hard for what they have. Where has the pride of the people gone too? Where has our work ethic gone? Why does everyone seem to take offense where there was none intended?  Where has our common sense gone? Why is our American Dream being trampled on by those who won't work for the same?

I think that is the biggest problem, we the people have become an illiterate, idle people. No one cares anymore and for those that do there are so few of us now.

Greed and corruption has sprouted everywhere and has run amok. Those who have warned of what is going on within our country and without are stonewalled by those who are greedy and corrupted using whatever comes into mind against the best interest of our country, our nation.

That brings to mind the phrase "United we stand, divided we fall".  It makes much more sense to me as I grow older. We, as a nation, need to pull ourselves together and become a united front against the corrupt politicians who want to run our nation into the ground  as well as the outside extremists who want to see the great United States fall and be trampled on by the terrorists of other nations. It doesn't matter who they are or where they come from. They want the same thing, to see us fall and become a broken people.

I am afraid of our future as a great country. I am afraid for my children's future and the future of my grandchildren.

I am truly afraid.

New Pictures....

Will miracles never cease!!