I feel my mojo coming back...

I hope that it stays around this time.

I went to visit a local store, well local as in Atlanta, called the Beehive Co-op. It is a store that rents small spaces inside to artisans of the Atlanta area. Beautiful things and of course things that I could make if I really wanted to but in the back is the place that I wanted to see big time. Whipstitch Fabrics. Awesome fabrics, Here let me show you some of the goodies that I got.

Apples and Pears by Alexander Henry

Ready, set, Robots! By Alexander Henry

Whenever! By Sharon Yenter for In The Beginning fabrics

These would be the reasons why I love this fabric.

more reasons why I love this fabric.

Be a man. By Douglas Day for FreeSpirit. This one is slightly blurry, but I got for the man.

Reasons why I love this fabric for the man.

Don't you just love it!!

The Be a man fabric is going to be turned into a Bowling shirt for Reinaldo. The back, sleeves, collar, maybe pocket and sides will be a dark blue to contrast with the blue in the fabric and then two panels down the front that shows the man fabric.

The robot fabric is for Jay. That will be made into pajamas for him. And the Pears and Apples I haven't quite decided what to do with that for Nattie. I am thinking either a tank for her or a dress for one of her dolls.

The sewing fabric is going to be two pillows for me with black on the back, sewing fabric on the front with a black piping around the pillow.

It is funny, most of the time I buy fabric just because I like it but won't have an idea of what to do with it. However with this fabric I knew what I was going to do when I picked it out. I finalized my ideas as I was driving home and now can't think of anything else to do with it.

I am so excited!!

I also made Jay another pair of shorts this time with cargo pockets on the side. He choose the fabric.

Julian's newest pair of shorts.

Penguins, Just in case you couldn't tell.

I made this for Nattie, is is based off the Pillowcase dresses that you see online except that I didn't use a pillowcase. It is a bit big for her so I expect her to use it as she gets bigger.

Just for Natalia

This is a nightgown pattern that I fell for. View A is what I was going for. I still have to put the ruffle on at the bottom, and I didn't use white fabric since I have children, but I think that these patterns aren't meant for anyone under 6 feet tall.

Simplicity 2819

I will post the finished pictures once I am finished.
Shew! That is all for now.

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