I finally got batteries for the camera

and look what I get to capture on film. Not much of a garden but what we had enjoyed for the summer.

I have a tendency to kill all living green things. I try every year and this is the year that my plants actually survived my black thumb. In this photo I had just finished watering my plants for the last harvest of the season when my daughter decided that she wanted to pluck a pepper for herself and in process knocked the plant over and broke the pot.  Then my son decided that it would be a good time to pluck all the peppers off the plant. After that there isn't anything that I could have done to save it. I chucked it over the rail. Thankfully my tomato plant had just been plucked clean as well. That one didn't do to bad either.  At least I didn't kill them this year.  In the background I have a lemon balm plant which grew like a weed. I didn't need a green thumb for that one and behind the lemon balm is a lavender plant that you probably can't see.  Nothing much came of that, It still hasn't bloomed yet.

Oops, what did we do?

Yummy, a raw bell pepper.

Lining up the peppers before tossing over the rail.

Not only the pepper but dirt from my tomato plant as well.

At least my kids enjoyed having a container garden this year. The boy always wants to water the plants in the mornings when he got up.  I hope this is a start of a garden of some sort every year.

This weekend we went to Alabama

Atta Girl!!!