I had family visiting...

Julian and Natalia with their wind chapped faces. I also have a small house and having my sister and her three kids here...it is a tight squeeze. I really wish that they lived closer so that our kids could play more often but alas they live in FL.

We had a good time and the kids played mostly well together. You could tell when they would gang up on each other to protect their siblings otherwise they were just loud and playful mostly. There were plenty of times where they as a group or individually would become annoying or would tattle or something. That would get on my nerves. Gabe, the oldest of the cousins, would get bossy and tell Jay what to do. Addison, next in line, would be the whiniest girl. Especially when she would wake up from her nap. Jay, next after Addison, is really over sensitive. You look at him the wrong way and he would freak out. Regan, the youngest, would torture Jay (I can say that because I am his mami) by just standing there with her arm held out and shaking her hand at him. She wouldn't touch him or anything and he would just start flipping out. I have no idea where he got that from. Nattie was fine. She just liked being strolled everywhere and as long as she was fed she was fine.

We did go to the aquarium in downtown. I would love to post pictures except my camera died on the way down. So no pictures of that. Everyone seemed to have a good time. It was really busy though. I would rather have gone when there were fewer people around. We had a good time anyways.

Then we had pictures taken. I was hoping that we would have been able to get shots of all the kids together, but my son had a melt down and wouldn't have his picture taken. I did get one shot of him and Nattie. However Jay is trying to escape from the photographer. I did get some nice pictures of Nattie. I will try to post them if I can.

After that it was Stone Mountain. We had a good time there. It was really windy though. I am pretty sure that is why we are all sick now. Well that is what I think at any rate. Both Jay and Nattie came back with chapped faces. I had no idea how windy it would be at the top. It was awesome. I had Nattie strapped to my back so she slept through the trip mostly. I hadn't ever ridden the skylift before either. That was interesting too. Addison however was upset because she was scared to ride it. She cried that she didn't want to go on but was a real trooper about riding it back down. She didn't throw herself on the ground or anything like that which is good. She is a brave girl.

Then they left. Shew!!! what a week. I love my family but my house is really to small to have that many people in it.

*Edit* I finally got some pictures to upload

All the kids

Julian at the top of Stone Mountain.

Finally and update....

Nattie had chinese last night for dinner