I have opened my Etsy shop...again!!

I have decided that since I have some free time on my hands that I will open my Etsy shop again. I have been thinking about this for quite awhile and now I have it going. I am working out what it is that I want to sell but have started out with some really nice, small, zippered bag and a small kiss clasp coin purse. Then I also decided to make a few skirts for my daughters, and there were some extra's that were made to sell as well.

These are currently up at my shop. You can purchase them seperately.

I thought that these would be fabulous for those who love their football teams.

Roll Tide!!

Aren't these adorable?!


Such a cute Mermaid skirt.

Red and white polka dots. So cute!!

I had made these for my contest. The winner loved them.

These were made for my son. He has his but I wanted to share.


I also have a facebook page which I am trying to get more followers on. Check out www.facebook.com/emilyguerradesigns and the link to my Etsy shop is www.emilyguerradesigns.etsy.com. If you see something that you like or if you have any questions please contact me and we can talk.



There are some lovely new things in my shop.

So it has been awhile