I met Dana from Made!!

This past weekend Dana from MADE came down to Whipstitch which is a fabulous sewing/fabric/ lounge... I love it. Anyways, there was a meet and greet on Friday night and my and my friend Tiffany from Simply Modern Mom were able to go. Dana was here on Friday night for a meet and greet and then on Saturday for demos and a class. I wasn't able to make it on Saturday due to my husband getting bitten by a yellow jacket, to which is he severely allergic.

I forgot my camera, can you believe that?! But was able to get a group shot of all of us on Friday night. Thank you Tiffany for the picture!

It is sad to say that I don't remember everyone's name that I meet that night. However I can say that just talking to everyone was so much fun and it is amazing at how much we all have in common with each other.

If you want to see more pictures of that weekend you should check out Dana's Blog here and Tiffany's blog here.

We are back!

Pillows for the kids.