I thought that I would take this moment

and share some pictures with you but unfortunately I am not able to upload current pictures for what ever reason. But here is at least one of Jay and Nattie just before Christmas. Look at how big she is getting!!

And there she goes I hear her talking to herself in the background. We have just gotten over a thing of Thrush. That was pretty painful to me. I don't think that it bothered her at all. Thankfully I think that I caught it in time so that it wouldn't bother her to much anyways.

She is finally starting to sleep all the way through the night without needing a feeding. I can't remember if Jay was the same way at this age. I think that it took him longer to sleep through the night without waking up. If she keeps on I will move her into her own crib soon and have her start sharing a room with Jay. At this moment she is still in the bedroom with me and the man. She does sleep in her playpen, but when she does sleep with us she is a cover hog. I am not even going to the same place that we went with Jay. Talk about a learning experience. Jay still climbs into bed with us on Saturday morning sometimes and I get up and go sleep on the couch. I get tired of having arms and feet in my back.

Ok, time to go. It is time to go to work.

What a way to start off the weekend

Happy New Year!! ( I think...)