I went to the movies last night

I had a girls night out with my SIL. We went to see Julie and Julia. It was a really cute movie but I saw it really late at night. I have heard good and bad about the movie, but what movie doesn't have good and bad reviews, right? It was cute and makes me want to learn how to cook french though.  I loved Meryl Streep's acting as Julia Child. I that was my favorite part of the movie.

During the entire movie I wished that I was good enough to make sketches of the clothes that Meryl Streep wore so that I could possibley copy them. I loved the wardrobe of the 50's era. I always wish that we could go back to the times where we could wear pearls everyday as we clean the house and heels at least most of the day anyways.  Or a little further back and have my husband wear a 3 piece suit to work every day. Then we will let him wear bowling shirts on the weekends. Oh well. I know that it will never happen but I dream about it. (ooh, the shoes too!! I loved the shoes!!)

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