It has been a while...

It has been awhile since I wrote last. Right now I am listening to the Monkees, while I wait for some work to come my way and Jay is asleep. We had come back yesterday from visiting family in Alabama. My sister came up from Florida with her three kids and then I had mine and my sister in AL has her one.

Jay just loved playing with his older cousins. He had such a good time following Gabe around and wrestling with him.

And this week we have my husband's mom with us for a week and it has been wonderful so far. She brought her step grandson as well and Jay has been so busy playing with them that I actually have time to work and do other stuff that I have been wanting to do for eons.

I hope that everyone had a good Mother's day. Here are some pics of the stuff that I made for all the mothers in my life. This little pack has bubble bath, lotion, Yuzu soap, Oatmeal, Honey and Milk Soap, Cherry Vanilla Lip Balm, and a crocheted wash cloth.

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