Jay and my Ipod

Yesterday we had FHE at a local restaurant. While we were waiting for our food to arrive I had read on their menu that they have free Wi-Fi. Which is cool since Reinaldo updated my Ipod to the new updates that came out at the beginning of July for the Ipod Touch and Iphone. ( I have an Ipod Touch so it does all the same stuff except no phone or camera) I have been fooling around with all the new applications that came with the update and so has Reinaldo.  I just happened to have the Ipod with me when we went out. We were sitting there and Reinaldo was on the internet and Jay saw that he was playing with the Ipod. He starts talking about the baby pictures.  (Jay likes to look at pictures of himself whether on the computer as my screen saver or on my Ipod)  Reinaldo didn't know that Jay knows how to go from the main menu on my Ipod to the photo album and pick and choose what pictures he wants to see and scroll through them and go back and forth, zoom in and he is working on zooming out. Hasn't quite figured that one out yet. So it kept him quiet while we were waiting for our food to come out.  Reinaldo wanted to let him play one of the games that he got while updating the thing. I said no. I would rather that he look at pictures of himself and family than play the video games. I am sure that there will be plenty of time and arguing about that in the future but since he is only two at this moment, no to video games.

Which brings me to the fact that for the past two weeks, going on 3 weeks, we haven't watched any television during the day and very little at night. Maybe less than an hour if it is just me and Jay.  If Reinaldo is home then maybe an hour or possibly two.  I have seen a great change come over Jay since I have definitely cut out the TV from our lives. It was a little difficult in the beginning. He kept whining and throwing temper tantrums and such but eventually he stopped acting so fussy. He is a lot more agreeable, His temper tantrums don't last as long as they used to. They are down to a few minutes before he is on to do something else instead of lasting for 10-15 minutes because he wasn't getting what he wanted. He is playing more with his toys and using his imagination more than when he would zone out in front of the tube. He is also listening to more music and reading more books than before. When I say reading I mean looking at the pictures or wanting me to read to him. We do more reading together than ever before.

The only downfall to all this is that he is more interactive with me, which isn't bad in itself, except when I am trying to get my work done for the man. So most of the time he is with me here on my chair playing with my hair, trying to type, singing "Elmo's Song". Or he is coloring on a laptop that Reinaldo has set up.  He has figured out how to move the cursor on the laptop with his finger so that he can color on a coloring book that we have set up there for him.

Young children are just amazing at how quick they are able to pick up the use of the technology that may have taken us as adults a little longer to get used to and use. Reinaldo and I were talking about this last night that he will never know a time when there wasn't computers or cell phones or tv or any of the technology that we have now. Meanwhile, while I am not all that old I do remember when no one had cell phones, or home computers  and stuff....what a different childhood they will have compared to what we had. I just want to make sure that while they have all this stuff available to them that they still get to go out and enjoy the same activities that we enjoyed growing up. Like being outside, playing in the dirt, building forts, playing cops and robbers and just being kids.  They won't be like this for very long anyways. Their innocence will be gone before you know it and that is just sad....

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