I love blue flannel shirts.

I love blue flannel shirts. They are my favorite. Flannel in general I love because it is so warm and cozy when you wear it. I found this particular flannel at Joann's. It is really nice and thick. So cozy!

Blue Flannel Shirt

When my husband bought be this fabulous green flannel shirt from L.L. Bean I wanted another one, but they get quite expensive. So I decided that I would make one. After putting together my blue polka dot shirt this blue flannel shirt shouldn't be a problem. And it wasn't.

Blue Flannel Shirt

There were a few more pieces that went into this shirt than the polka dotted one. I learned how to make a sleeve vent or placket by watching a lot of Youtube videos. This is also the first time that I put a collar on with a stand. Usually my collars are just the collars attached to the shirt. I was very careful on making sure that I did a quality job. I think the only thing that isn't great about this shirt is that the grain is off. I knew that beforehand too. I did my best to stretch the fabric so that the grain would straighten out.  As much as I pulled the grain the flannel straightened some but not as much as I would have liked. The grain wasn't perfect but I was going to do it anyways. I knew that there might be a slight skew, but I wasn't sure if it would affect my side seams. I was hoping that it wouldn't. I figured even if the seams skew slightly or the plaid doesn't quite match up that it would be ok. I am going to wear that shirt anyways. And if anyone asked I found it at the thrift store. But if it turned out nice then I will tell anyone and everyone that I made it.

Now that it is done I am really happy with how it all turned out. And the weather has turned perfect to wear it too.

1-30-17 - Well now that I have worn it, the seams line up almost perfectly. There is a slight skew to one side,  but it is hardly noticeable. Works for me!


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