Making Soap - Follow along

Making Soap - Follow along


Making soap again...I have this fascination with making soap so I finally made my own batch, from scratch. I had posted earlier about rebatch soap here.  I had stated there that I was kinda scared since you had to use lye. But I threw my nerves to the wind, waited until all the kids and dog were in bed for the night and took it upon myself to make my own batch of soap.

As you can see from the photo below that there is a lot of stuff that you need to make soap. I had been gathering supplies and materials for weeks prior to making my first batch.


I even bought a little 2 lbs wooden mold so that I wouldn't have to use a shoe box and learned how to line it with freezer paper.


I didn't take pictures of the process, it was kinda involved and since it was my first time I wanted to devote my full attention to the making of soap. But here is what it looked like after made and poured.


The next day I unmolded the soap and got ready to cut it into slices.


It smelled really good, but really strong. I was wondering at this time if I had added too much fragrance oil. I was following a recipe. But I made some changes too.


There was a crack on the top and soda ash as well. I found out that the crack came from over heating and the soda ash is what it is and can be cleaned off.


I sliced everything about 1 inch thick. It looked like banana's and chocolate to me, but the fragrance is chocolate and lavender. I know, kinda weird but it smells good.


Here are a couple of slices. I like the swirl...I hope it stays and the colors don't fade or change. I hear that they do that sometimes.



The soap has to cure 4-6 weeks to be able to lose the water weight. I will post pictures once the soap has cured. Fingers crossed.


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