Mama's package

I have sent my mom a package, I am sure that you will really like what I put in there other than what I owed you already. Here are some pictures of the shawl that I had crocheted for her for Christmas I think. Here is me modeling it along with my big ole pregnant body....

And here is one of the back. You can't really see the details but the yarn is so soft and it is kinda rumbly with lots of texture. I plan to make one of my own for this winter....I really like it.

Because it was her birthday last week. (29 forever!) I added a few other items to the box for her. Like this....

And a few other soaps that I had left over since they were so nice to use....(give them away if you don't want them.)

Love you mama.

Jay and my Ipod

Nattie's Blessing Gown