My first nightgown for the babe.

I decided that I wanted to make a nightgown for the new girl using some cute stretch knit that I had found. I drafted my own pattern from a onesie that I had and  I managed to draft the pattern without taking the onesie apart. That was a miracle in itself. So I put it all together and managed to mess up the neck line. I think that my ribbing is to thin. It needs to be wider and I think that I stretched it out and while serging it and I shouldn't have. Or at least not that much.  I am debating on whether to pick it out and try again or just live with it and make a new with the corrections....I haven't decided yet. I still have other projects in the queue that I want to make sure that I have time for.

I think also next time I will make the shoulders wrap a little farther down into the sleeve next time. It looks a bit to short.

Anyways, let me know what you think.  Once I have it all picked out and completed this time (I still need to add the band at the bottom) I will post pictures of the finished onesie gown.

Finished Nightgown

Her crown and goggles