My first successful men's shirt refashion

I was inspired by a shirt that a friend had showed me at church. It was a really cute shirt and the puffy sleeves is what did it for me. I want to apologize to Tiffany that I stole her sleeves. You can see Tiffany's blog at Follow me and I will show you what I did to make my shirt and I apologize in advance for my bad photographs. That is a skill that I am working on.

Here is my husbands old shirt. It is an XL.

My husbands old shirt. It had a rip in the sleeve so I took it for me.

I laid my favorite shirt on top to trace around. I did my best to tuck the sleeves on the inside so that I could really see the armholes to trace around.

This is an old Cabin Creek shirt that I have had for years.

I traced an inch around the sides and the armholes from top to bottom. You might be able to see my chalk marks and pins.

Marked and pinned.

I cut along my chalk line since that would be my seam allowance.  And I see from this picture that my shirt was cut a bit lopsided. Hadn't noticed that before...

I went back and adjusted the armhole on the right once I noticed it. I just made it a bit bigger to match the one on the left side.

I wanted a band around the bottom of my sleeves so I cut out two strips of 3 x 13 inches. That would fit around my arm with room for movement.  I then pressed them  so that they were strips with the ends on the inside, like Bias tape.

The arm bands.

I cut off the length that I wanted for my sleeve and cut off the seams. That is as much trimming that I did on the sleeve itself.  Because the sleeve that would hang by my elbow is so large I had to gather it in the middle. I decided that I would fold  the sleeve in half and then that half in half.  Where my fingers are is the center of the sleeve with the pins being the half way marks between them. That is where I gathered my excess fabric. I didn't want gathers all the way around just on the top of the sleeve.

My sleeves in process of being gathered.

Where the pins were I marked with chalk, I also ran two lines of stitching for gathering. I did it at the top as well but found out later that I didn't need the gathering at the top after all.

Once everything was gathered I added the arm band to the bottom of the sleeve.

Arm band added to the bottom of the sleeve.

Once I had attached the sleeves back to the shirt I put my shirt on inside out on Monique (my dressform). I put an elastic band around here where I would have want gathers for a more slimming effect for my tunic shirt shirt...I am not sure what I would call this.  Once I had all my elastic where I wanted it I marked it around the top of my elastic so that I could  sew either a drawstring casing there or the elastic itself.

Monique modeling for me with the sleeves pinned out of the way.

I decided after much debate that instead of a drawstring, I didn't have enough fabric left anyways, to just add the elastic at the back of the shirt so that I would have a small gathering effect there without taking to much off my front or pulling my front apart at the buttons from the elastic.

I did a simple zigzag stitch sewing the elastic directly to the back of the shirt.

Close up of the back.

And here is the finished shirt that Monique just loves because it hides her flabby belly but is still kinda slimming. I think that this would be really cute with flats and leggings for fall.

I think that this photo was before I added the elastic to the back.

And the back. I love this shirt. So comfortable and it reminds me of my husband every time that I wear it.

I really liked how it turned out.  The next time I will redo the collar and add ruffles or flounces somewhere. I already have ideas forming....Goodwill here I come.

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