My kids and Halloween...

I have the cutest picture of Nattie. I was trying out the tutu for her Halloween costume. It is leftover tulle that I had so it doesn't match but she is just adorable.  She also just got through with dinner and had most of it on her shirt.  (I think that I will go back later and Photoshop her a clean shirt.) The almost perfect image, I just wish that she had a clean shirt on.

Since I have changed my mind and decided that Nattie is going to be a Ballerina, I have to think of something good for Jay to be. What is he going to be for Halloween?  I have shot myself in the foot when I decided that he would be an Octopus for his first Halloween.

Aaaawwww! My little Octopus.

I had it where he would lift his arms up and the other arms would lift up too. I wish that I had an action shot...

I found one.

The costume wasn't done at this point that that is ok.  You can at least see how his arms were all attached.

I love costumes!! I can't wait for Halloween this year!!

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