My Sloper and the Blouse - DIY

My Sloper and the Blouse - DIY


I am working on my sloper. (The most evil of things.) It is still a work in progress and I have a love/hate relationship with it. I can see so much potential not just for my sewing skills but how I look in the clothes that I love and would love to have. I was taking an online class with Burdastyle. It was a tailoring class, it gave some very basic information on how to draft a sloper for a bodice, skirt and how to copy pants. The last assignment of the class was to make a garment.

These are what inspired me.

Grey Peplum Blouse

or this one

Blue Peplum Blouse

(I found these on Pinterest. Here is the link for the Grey Blouse and here is the link for the Blue Blouse)

This is what my final blouse looks like. This is made with the measurements and pattern of the sloper that I drafted from this online course. Just so you know my sloper fits just fine. I could tweak the sleeve a bit though.

Front of Rose Muslin

I have a broad back, which I think I fixed. And I have issues with my sleeves. Which I thought that I fixed too, on my sloper. But then I made this.

I made this all Saturday. I drafted the pattern, cut it out, traced the pattern onto my fabric, cut all the fabric out and put it all together. I didn't finish until midnight.  And this is what it looks like. I am not happy with this garment.

It is just awful. It is partly because I was in a rush, and partly because I didn't plan out my steps very well. Or made a good choice in the fabric.

Back of Rose Muslin

Side of Rose Muslin

It is just all bad. No matter how you look at it. But I am bound and determined that I am going to make me a cute peplum blouse and it will look good on me too. Fingers crossed.

Leave me any comments and thoughts on mine or your slopers. We can commiserate together about how evil slopers are.



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