Nattie had chinese last night for dinner

normally this wouldn't be to strange of a thing but it was her first Chinese food. I don't know if she liked it or not, especially until I started to feed her the yolk from a hard boiled egg. It had red stuff on top which I thought was paprika and it turned out to be cayenne pepper powder. I made sure that I gave her cold foods all after that. You should have seen her face. I felt so bad for her having all that spice in her mouth. Thankfully she didn't fuss or scream or anything. She just looked kinda stunned. I would have thought that Jay would have liked to eat chinese too, but no, he ate pizza. Pizza of all things at a Chinese restaurant.

After that, we went to a local Dippin Dots ice cream parlor. That was interesting too. That was Jay's first experience with Dippin Dots. He pretty much sat there and shivered all the way through his strawberry dots. We gave a few to Natie too. She seemed to really enjoy them.

It is amazing how much my children are growing up. Nattie is rolling from her front to her back. and I catch her trying to get up on her hands and knees. I hope that she starts crawling soon. I know that she wants to chase Jay and play with him.

And Jay is really growing. His pronunciation of his words is really improving. He is singing a lot more and he seems to be sharing more of his thoughts with me. He is putting together sentences but they aren't proper sentences yet. They are more like Yoda talk. He has also made some friend from the girls next door to us. He doesn't know their names so he just calls them the girls. When ever he asks me about them he'll say" Where are the girls?".

Nattie is fussing right now because no one is paying any attention to her. Poor girl. She is such a princess already.

I had family visiting...

We are here in sunny FLA...