Nattie's First Birthday Party

We had Nattie's birthday party on Saturday. It was really nice.  I had invited family over to celebrate with us. Once everyone came, we had a late lunch with cupcakes and ice cream. We didn't do to much just because it was for my one year old and she should have been taking a nap during that time anyways.

Here are some pictures. I didn't get as many as I should have or even some of the ones that I wanted.

Princess Natalia turned 1, Happy Birthday!!

Our entertainment while we wait for the guests to arrive.

Natalia and her birthday cupcake.

Papi and Julian keeping the tradition of smooshing faces into the birthday cake.

Cupcakes, Yea!!!

ooooohhhh, my very first cupcake. Yummy!!

That was such a good cupcake!!

Once everything was over, the kids gathered around the laptop to watch music videos while the adults talked and kept themselves entertained.

We were extremely pooped after that.

Project Runway second episode.

The sock monkeys are done!!!