New fashion for the kids

I have been working on some new projects for my children. I finally figured that I really wouldn't be able to do anything good for me so instead I will focus on my children. Since we are heading to Florida next weekend I wanted to make Nattie and Jay some new clothes for them to wear.

I made Jay three pairs of shorts. I only have a picture of him in one of his pairs. His other pairs are a camo kind that are dolphins and a red brown pair with construction equipment on it.

This pair has race cars. He loves this pair.

Now for Nattie...

Kitty Cat patchwork. So frilly!

A close up of the neck. It has a tiny ruffle.

Matching bloomers.

Natalia posing...her lemonade dress.

The backside and bloomers.

What a cutie!!

I finally finished the dresses today and they are done really well. Usually I rush through in making the clothes that they aren't quality work. I took my time on these because I want them to last.

Tell me what you think.

We are back.

Finally and update....