New goals for me

I always seem to have an ongoing list of projects  that I want to do and what need to be done. Most I don't have a deadline on but on some I do have deadlines. I have created on the right hand side of my posts two lists that I hope will help me complete my projects but also improve my sewing skills.  I have 12 sewing projects to work on through out the year just to start out with. I could do one once a month but more than likely I will be working on a couple at a time. Also more than likely the list will change as I, hopefully, complete projects and get new ideas to work on.

Then I have a short lists of skills that I want to learn or improve on. I have the books but need to take the time to actually work on them. After making the pillow with the piping I realized how much I miss when I become intimated by something so simple. I am hoping that that list will grow to include more advanced skills than what I have now.

We will see how it goes, wish me luck.

1st off my list

I have conquered piping!!