New Pictures....

It has been a while since I last wrote with pictures with my projects or kids so I decided to make up for it by writing this post about them.

Here is Jay and Nattie while she is quiet and calm. She has been such a fussy baby, not colicky but just whiney.  Such a good picture of both of them.

Here is Nattie in her blessing gown, unfortunately I didn't get a full length picture of her since we were running out the door to make it to church in time.

Above is the messager bag that I made for Jay. I wanted him to have something that he could put his stuff in and also tote around himself while we travel to Oklahoma.  The face that Jay made in the last picture is him coughing. What a great shot.... (I didn't mean for that to happen).

Isn't this a great picture.  She looks like she is contemplating something great.  "Hmmmm, I wonder..." is what she seems to be saying to me. She is so funny because her hair sticks up all over the place and when I bathe her her hair is fuzzy looking and brown. It is kinda funny, she skips a bath and her hair still sticks up it is just black, but washed it is fuzzy and brown. How weird is that....

Tonight we are going to our Ward's Trunk or Treat and of course Jay is sick with a double ear infection, again! Right before Oklahoma too.  Right now it is wet, cold and rainy so I hope that the trick or treating part is indoors.  I didn't have time this year to make Jay's costume so my MIL bought him a costume. He is going to be a spider. Nattie I had no idea what to do her as so MIL came to the rescue again and she will be a pumpkin. Of course this would be the year that I don't make any costumes and there is a costume contest.  Man!!! Isn't that how it always works.

OKLAHOMA! Where the winds go rushing down the plains....!!

Yep that is where me and a part of my family is heading to support my youngest brother, Aidan, by seeing him graduate from basic training from the Army. It will be a week long trip with me, my two kids, both under the age of 3. Meredith and her 3 kids all under the age of 5 and my brother Peter who is twenty something. Don't you just feel for Peter. Being stuck in a van with two old women and five kids. Poor Peter!!

How do you do Halloween?

I am extremely concerned...