Ok, here is another one.

Before I clock in for work an while my children are still sleeping. I thought that I would just sit here and write for a few moments. Christmas is this week and I am excited about seeing Jay opening his gifts and seeing him understand a bit more about Christmas than last year. I don't think that he really understood. I still don't think that but he is starting to understand the magic about Christmas.  He loved it when we got our Christmas tree up and he kinda helped me decorate it.  What can I say, he is two and he would have rathered thrown my non breakable balls around than put them on the tree. Once I get a good picture I will upload it here.

We made bread dough ornaments and had a good time until it was time to hang them on the tree. I would give them to Jay and he would hang them, then come back with it broken saying "uh,oh!"

Then I got tinsel and he really did help with that. All in one place. I don't know if you can tell or not but in the lower right had corner of the tree is where all his tinsel is. (once I get the picture up)

We will be spending Christmas Eve with Reinaldo's family at his Aunt's house. It should be loud and noisy with lots of food. My favorite part...

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!!

Christmas Eve Eve

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