Ok my list has changed.

When I last wrote I was working on a list of things to do. Then the night before last I dreamed a dream.  Don't you just love it when you dream up ideas to craft. If only I would remember to write them down instead of depending on my memory to recreate the craft. This time I wrote them down. This is my Advent Calendar Bunting. I wanted a quickly made Advent calendar for my family but also bunting. I have been seeing the bunting all over the place and thought that this would be a great idea of combining the both.

First I drew out a diamond shape going 3 inches across and 3 inches to the point from the middle of the diamond. Next I cut out all the diamonds needed for the bunting.

Next I painted on the numbers. I was planning to embroider the numbers on but wanted to make this in time for December. Next time I will embroider the numbers. (sorry about the picture, I had it rotated.)

Then I also marked where my slits would be on the back side of the triangle. I positioned it just low enough so that you couldn't see the slit from the top. I made a long oval with paint, then put Fray Check in the middle just to make sure that it would be pretty secure after use.

After the paint and Fray Check had dried I cut the slits and pinned the diamonds in half on a ribbon that I had. I folded the diamonds in half with the ribbon right in the middle.

I then sewed the triangle closed. I started at the point since there were tails that I grabbed onto to help pull the felt through the machine. I had started at the corner on the ribbon, but once I got to the point I couldn't get the point through with out it getting caught in my feed dogs.

Here is the back, these are actually to small for candies or anything like that.I will be making coupons to roll up and put in for my kids.

Here it is on my mantel. Now the question is how do you hang bunting?

Let me know what you think! Merry Christmas!!

The Nook from Barnes and Noble

Happy Holiday!!