Our day out...

We had a Doctor's apt on the 17th for Jay and his legs (we are still in the wait and see mode, since he is still walking and not hurting while walking the doc's don't want to do anything that might change that) and after we went to the Children Museum in Atlanta.  I thought that it was going to be an actual museum, but it more like a huge play group. The first area that Jay saw was two tables of trains. So of course that is where he headed. He was there for a while and just loved the fact that the tables had holes in them so that he could reach the innermost part of the trains. He did have issues with sharing. I assume that it was because he didn't have a good night sleep the night before and was cranky. When we tried to get him to some of the other attractions he started to pick up all the trains that he could hold to bring them with him to where ever we would go. He didn't like the fact that he had to  put them back because they weren't his. It took a potty break to get him away from the tables to see what other stuff they had.

The museum also had a little area that had a pond. He got to where a fireman raincoat and play in the water. I am glad that the raincoats were provided because he was soaked up to his elbows. He had a good time there until lunch time.

The museum had a little area where Chik fil a comes in and sells a small selection of items. So we grabbed something to eat and moved on.

They had a little pit with moon sand. Which is something like sand but it sticks together without water or anything else. That was really fun to play with. In the picture Jay is blowing out a candle on the cake that we had made together.  Alot of adults liked that pit. Those who weren't chasing kids were there playing in the sand.

Over all the museum was really nice and really good for kids from 2 to a bit older like 8 maybe. They had other little area's of interest but we didn't see all that because Jay just wasn't interested. He is a hands on kid for certain.

Finally, an update...

She is a month old!!!